St. Carthage's, Rahan

St. Cartach, one of the four great monastic founders of Early Christian Ireland, founded a monastery here around 580. The church building was begun in the 12th century. It was originally in the shape of a cross, but the two transepts have largely disappeared. What makes this one of the most important historical and architectural churches in Europe is a fine chancel arch decorated with heads. The nave was built in 1732, but the lower parts are probably 15th century. The most unique feature of the church is the round window high up in the exterior wall of the east gable of the church; it bears excellent Romanesque decoration and may have once stood in the original west gable of the church above the door. Whilst the church is in the middle of a field, it is well sign-posted!

As the church is in a field, Worship during the winter months is sadly impossible. However, during the summer months, a variety of styles of worship are held in the church.